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Song in the Key of P


In my mind I will always be free
Free from this illness that stole my body from me,
Taking with it my freedom to come and go as I please,
Losing my confidence about what was essentially me.
The music played on and I danced and moved along.

In my mind I could do everything just right,
Closed my eyes to the tiredness that enveloped me at night.
And the music played on and at night I dreamt that I could still sing the song.
In my mind I could be the perfect wife and mother
and above all a happy giving lover.
I ignored the warning signs of stiffness and tremor,
preferring to try one cure or another

Yet the music played on and I felt such pain and sorrow
And found I could no longer look forward to tomorrow.
In my mind I could work as hard as ever,
Yet the stress of deadlines, goals and my colleague's ambitions
Finally forced me to accept a lower position

Yet the music played on but it began to change to a different beat.
In my head I stopped and listened and slowly a light appeared in the distance.
In my mind I opened my eyes and realised
That life had not gone but changed forever.
This change would never hurt me in itself if I could accept my new life
Still a functioning mother and wife
Yet the music played on...

Yet the music played on and it is time to face my biggest challenge –
Deep Brain Stimulation, a new and exciting situation.
Though I am afraid, I have felt the love of family and friends, supporting me every day.
I see the beauty of my children as they grow
And know their love helps me accept that this is life
And that’s all we know.

Time will tell if it will succeed but the music will play on,
The same mysterious song of life for me.